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Spotlight: My Tricolor Celine Mini Luggage Tote

As promised, here is finally my post on my beloved, beautiful Celine tote: the Celine Yellow Pony Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag from Fall 2013. I purchased it on sale this past summer by a truly magical turn of fortune and have never looked back since.

Celine Calfskin Mini Luggage – Fall 2013 Collection

The above picture is from the collection page, but I feel like it does not do the bag justice–the sides look almost black and the front is so yellow-tinted. So here is my own picture:

My own Celine!
My own Celine!

As you can see, the front is almost white (more cream than yellow, certainly) and the grey sides definitely stand out from the black frame. It is a soft but sturdy pony calfskin leather overall, including the inside, which makes it super easy to keep clean. The tote is also extremely roomy, so my only possible complaint would be that it can get quite heavy if loaded–but as will every other structured silhouette of this size. Overall, I’m IN LOVE with this bag…as I am an avid fan of black-and-white, it goes almost ridiculously well with every outfit I wear.

The highlight of any group shot.
The highlight of any group shot.
Statement bag.
Statement bag.

Anyway, once I brave more and more OOTD posts, I am sure that you will be seeing this gem very frequently. I don’t have a huge bag collection as of yet, but Celine is at the top of the list without doubt. It will take a lot to overcome my addiction to this one.

Please PM me for any specific questions about price, location, where and how I got it on sale, etc.


Want: Dream. Celine.

So I saw this jawdropper today:


Black, brown, and cream? UGH.

I love my Celine so so much (this is essentially the warm version of it), but man is the combo perfection. I swear I drool over every damn bag this woman designs…I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Probably make a post on my own Celine soon to feel better.