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Black Friday Game Plan

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Well, with Black Friday also upon us (and being a measly student miles away from my family), I decided that it was a good idea to share my overview of stores and deals after days of shopaholic researching. Note that I have no suburban stores (JCPenney, Kohl’s) because I live in one of the biggest cities in the U.S. and there are none around me.

1) Today: Online shopping!┬áStores have already started their online sales as of 12 am today and actually have a lot of their in-store deals conveniently online. Since most of them also offer free shipping, it’s quite tempting to stay on your butt and shop from home. What have I bought so far? Well, thanks to PT, I took advantage of the Urban Decay sale last night already, but I’ll keep looking today.

2) All day (?!): Express Although I am not a huge Express fan myself (and I have no idea why they are open all day), I guess they are one place to browse while I wait for other stores to open downtown. They have 50% off everything (also available online) throughout today.

3) 4 PM: Old Navy Old Navy is opening its doors controversially early today with 50% off everything, and the first 100 in line have a chance to be a millionaire. They also have a text-to-win game for 1,000 $200 winners. I might do the texting game, but I don’t think I’ll be standing in line for what is basically a lottery.

4) 6 PM: Macy’s This one actually has some serious doorbusters–I have already placed a hold on a pearl earring set, a memory foam pillow, and a panini grill in our giant store downtown. They are my favorite in terms of placing their entirety of deals online and even letting you make a list–on my list is their $10 Smashbox set and $9 Tarte eyeshadow palette.

5) 8 PM: Sephora Unfortunately, my Sephora does not open at 8 pm *sniff* but I did hear that they have 31 items under $10. Hopefully next year.

6) 8 PM: H&M They have scratch-offs for the first 100 in line and certain percentages off certain amounts spent in store. A bit disappointing, in my opinion.

7) Power sleep!

8) 6 AM: Neiman Marcus Last Call So excited for my first NMLC deal. First 100 in line get gift cards up to $1000 (per store!) on top of 40-60% off everything. Can you say YES?

9) 7 AM: Everything else Our mall opens at 7 am, including about every store you can imagine. Some stores I will be visiting are Banana Republic with 40% off your purchase and 50% off an item until 1 pm, Nordstrom Rack with 30% off all clearance (including designer!), Zara, Mango, and Bath & Body Works…honestly, probably shopping til I drop.

Happy deals!


OOTD: The Horrible Khaki Pants

Finally, an outfit post!

Alright, it is time that I introduce these god-awful khaki pants that I have to wear as part of my volunteer shifts at the hospital (thankfully, I can just save the oversized polo until my actual shift), and of course, the countless ways I desperately try to make them work for the day’s outfit before I run to my shift.


Today’s strategy: try to show as little of them as possible.

On me: Cardigan from H&M, oversized blouse from Tommy Hilfiger, scarf from Burberry (yes, don’t kill me), booties from local mall, and let’s not forget–pants courtesy of my local medical center

Keep tuned for more beauty soon, and for my Americans–BLACK FRIDAY!