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DUPE ALERT: Louboutin Susanna vs. Nine West Nanura Pumps

Good morning, lovely people!

A few months ago, I came across the Christian Louboutin Susanna Pumps and fell in instant love with their criss-cross ankle strap and sexy pointed toe. This, I thought, is the kind of genius shape that made Mr. Louboutin a staple. However, my two reasons for not jumping on them then and there were (1) I did not want to settle for black leather–God knows I have enough black heels–and (2) they were, of course, out of stock everywhere in my size.

Then, just a week ago, I discovered the Nine West Nanura Pumps, which had a suspiciously familiar gorgeous shape as well as two additional color options. Well, needless to say, I ordered them immediately and I have since been waiting patiently to share this review with you.

Now, I am going to do a point-by-point comparison of the differences between the two, amended by action shots. Hopefully this helps give you an idea.


Price: CL $845 vs. NW $99.99 (but on sale now!)

Heel: CL 4 in. (but feels taller) vs. NW 3.75 in. (but feels shorter)


Sizing: my size was CL 37 vs. NW 6

Leather: Unfortunately, NW in this case skimped on leather quality. NW: thin and stretchy vs. CL: thicker and sturdy 

Toebox: Now this was the dealbreaker for me. CLs have mastered the art of the curved pointed toe, but the NW felt too long in the front and too flat in terms of leather (my toes would definitely leave unseemly stretch marks there). If you have large feet, I would highly recommend against the NW. Winner: CL.

Colors: CL has 6 (black leather, nude leather, multicolor suede, animal patent, green patent, spiked) and NW has 3 (black leather, nude suede, blue suede). I personally like the NW suede best.




VERDICT: NW made an admirable dupe which may work for those who prefer lower heels, but for me, the curves of the arch and toebox are dealbreakers.

Spotlight: My Tricolor Celine Mini Luggage Tote

As promised, here is finally my post on my beloved, beautiful Celine tote: the Celine Yellow Pony Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag from Fall 2013. I purchased it on sale this past summer by a truly magical turn of fortune and have never looked back since.

Celine Calfskin Mini Luggage – Fall 2013 Collection

The above picture is from the collection page, but I feel like it does not do the bag justice–the sides look almost black and the front is so yellow-tinted. So here is my own picture:

My own Celine!
My own Celine!

As you can see, the front is almost white (more cream than yellow, certainly) and the grey sides definitely stand out from the black frame. It is a soft but sturdy pony calfskin leather overall, including the inside, which makes it super easy to keep clean. The tote is also extremely roomy, so my only possible complaint would be that it can get quite heavy if loaded–but as will every other structured silhouette of this size. Overall, I’m IN LOVE with this bag…as I am an avid fan of black-and-white, it goes almost ridiculously well with every outfit I wear.

The highlight of any group shot.
The highlight of any group shot.
Statement bag.
Statement bag.

Anyway, once I brave more and more OOTD posts, I am sure that you will be seeing this gem very frequently. I don’t have a huge bag collection as of yet, but Celine is at the top of the list without doubt. It will take a lot to overcome my addiction to this one.

Please PM me for any specific questions about price, location, where and how I got it on sale, etc.

OOTD: The Horrible Khaki Pants

Finally, an outfit post!

Alright, it is time that I introduce these god-awful khaki pants that I have to wear as part of my volunteer shifts at the hospital (thankfully, I can just save the oversized polo until my actual shift), and of course, the countless ways I desperately try to make them work for the day’s outfit before I run to my shift.


Today’s strategy: try to show as little of them as possible.

On me: Cardigan from H&M, oversized blouse from Tommy Hilfiger, scarf from Burberry (yes, don’t kill me), booties from local mall, and let’s not forget–pants courtesy of my local medical center

Keep tuned for more beauty soon, and for my Americans–BLACK FRIDAY!