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OOTD: Handling Bipolar Spring Weather (feat. Tencel)

Hello all, and happy almost spring! I apologize in advance to you cold weather folks, but here in Cali spring is more or less here, and in my city, that means cool mornings and sunny afternoons. This was infuriating at first (who wants to choose between shivering on the way to work and boiling the walk home?), but after two years here, I have learned to navigate the bipolar spring skies.

Me in Max Jeans jacket, Equipment top, and Sbicca booties
Me in Max Jeans jacket, Equipment top, and Sbicca booties
Sbicca Sound Booties
Sbicca Sound Booties

Here I am clad in my biggest, most versatile secret: tencel. I discovered the magic of this fabric only recently, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. You know that soft, lived-in feel your favorite jeans get? Take that and multiply by 10x quality and comfort. If you own anything that is 100% tencel (which is not very common in modern brands, so no judgment), you know exactly what I am talking about.

Anyway, the other upside of tencel is that it stabilizes temperature thanks to the consistency and breathability of the fabric. Read: you can wear it in the heat or the cold…which is precisely why it makes for the perfect all-weather utility jacket. And shorts. Also slacks.

On me:

Max Jeans Tencel Jacket: an uber-comfy, roomy fit and feel even at XS. Earthy olive color with antique gold hardware. 6 pockets. It is my go-to for toning down any everyday outfit.

Equipment Lace Top: this is from seasons ago hence probably out of stock forever, but all it is is a nice all-lace blouse that goes under everything.

Tencel Floral Shorts: no brand vintage tencel shorts from lord knows where.

Sbicca Sound Fringe Booties: these are my recent favorites! It took me forever to find these in stock in a size 7 and the taupe color. They are extremely fun, statement makers, and go well with my vertically limited legs.