Sneak Peak: My Daily Makeup Bag

Here is a sneak peek at the products I keep in my on-the-go bag for daily use. As you can see, it’s all over the spectrum in terms of brands, and it’s always changing. I will be doing a post on my routine soon, but my real goal is to review each product (obviously, they are all essentials) eventually!

makeup bag

What you might see: Urban Decay, Shu Uemura, NYX, Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Lancome, MAC, L’Oreal, Hard Candy, and much more…stay tuned!


Cheap Find: Suave Professionals Anti-Frizz Cream

I know, I know. Suave? Really? But really.

Suave Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream, $2.97

I met this little guy when I received a coupon in the mail to try it for free, so I thought: meh, why not? Less than 3 dollars may not be much to save (but +2 on that price!), but you can’t say I would have ever picked this up were it not for the coupon–so congrats, Suave marketing, on doing it right!

Anyway, without any expectations whatsoever, this pretty much blew me away. I have tried lots, lots, LOTS of leave-in conditioners from all walks of life, and we all know most are more or less crap. This is not crap. This is $3 of light frizz-control and shine and a tiny bit of fragrance (I cannot stand the overwhelming majority of conditioner scents) without any stickiness or heaviness or wetness. More precisely, I find myself adding a drop or two when my wavy hair is either (1) about 90% dry and in that “Shall I frizz today?” phase, or (2) styled/blow-dried and needs to be set and shine-proofed. Mostly, for that extra inch of perfection.

Hence, my rating would be +2 for cost, +1 for lightness, +1 for shine, and +1 for frizz control, for a grand total of +5 for its use as a finisher (not as a stand-alone conditioner or styler or mask or anything else).

Bottom line: this is not some miracle product or expensive organic oil, but I would say that it’s worth a try and better than any drugstore “leave-in” type cream I’ve come across (sprays are another story). I keep buying it because it lasts half a year and has yet to fail me.

Review: ghd Classic 1″ Styler

Well, as my 6-or-something-year-old Remington Wet-2-Straight (though still going strong!) is just not cutting it for my recent efforts to up the quality of my beauty/fashion collection, I decided to finally cave and test out this little starlet (ordered from Sephora–hello free holiday samples!):

ghd Classic 1″ Styler

Upon opening the glitzy box, I was a little underwhelmed by the small, regular-looking tool. It only has a on-off switch and a LED light to flash that it is on, so no heat settings or anything fancy (to me, -1). By the reviews all over the web, you would think this thing is a gift from the heavens, but yeah, pretty basic in terms of looks and function.

I plugged in the hairdryer-like plug, pressed “RESET,” and switched it on. To my surprise, it beeped eagerly within seconds. Impressive point +1.

I then straightened a couple sections of my abused, wavy hair (using a protection spray first). It took about two sweeps per section, but it did do the job rather quickly and smoothly. Overall, better than even the tourmaline flat irons that I have used, so +2 for that.

Then, I tried out the second most important function for me: curling. I love my curls but I’m lazy, so I do not want to deal with both a straightener AND a curler every time I want to look optimal. Well, I tried a couple methods to see how many different shapes I could get, and I have to say not all of them worked out equally well. This thing is pretty hot/unprotected (my bulky Remington must have spoiled me), so I did suffer a mini-burn on my index finger. Therefore, I think I will abstain my rating for the curling ability for now, at least until I get a fair grasp of the thing.

And finally, the most dramatic part: as my wonderful luck would have it, it was raining–actually raining, with fat raindrops and everything–in the middle of the record-breaking drought of good ol’ California today, so of course I could already hear my hair frizzing as soon as I cracked my window in the morning. BUT–here is the amazing part–my hair somehow went the whole day, i.e. about 6 hours including multiple 15-minute periods of walking under the rainfall, ¬†without frizzing. Yep, you read that right. I’m entirely not sure if it’s my new leave-in spray or the effects of the ghd, but still, we gotta give it a +1 for that.

Thus, the final count: lack of functions (-1) + superfast heat-up (+1) + impressive straightening (+2) + frizz-defying magic (+1) = +3 stars as of yet. Not too shabby, but it will have the chance to redeem itself as I continue to test out the (1) curling skills and (2) durability.