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Winter Nails!

As a beauty lover, my earliest obsession was probably nail polish. Starting as a toddler stealing mommy’s top coat to now owning my own mini-salon in my bathroom (which I definitely recommend for both budget and time savings!), I have always seen nails as being a significant detail that can express personality as well as complete a look.

Unfortunately, I also inherited my grandma’s teeny hands with the shortest fingers possible. What that means is small nail beds and little work space for a nail artist. Did this stop me from experimenting with everything anyway? No way! Did it affect my eventual preferences and maybe my slight love affair with acrylics? Indeed.

By now, I know what works for me and what definitely does not. For winter, one of my favorite designs is a baby French with spakly variations–classic, yet fun and holiday-spirited. Here are some that I love:

French with metallic lace detail
Diagonal French acrylics with glitter detail

This time, I was undecided as to what design I wanted, so I just went to the salon and got some simple French acrylics to hide my winter-ridden nail beds:

My simple pink French manicure
My simple pink French manicure

Now, I was a little dissatisfied with the thick white tips (I like them thin!) so I filed off some length after this picture. Then, I decided I wanted to go full-on iridescent glitter with a protective top coat, so I sprinkled on some Nail Art glitter over a gel base, applied two Gelish top coats, and UV-set those sparkly babes right at home in my bathroom salon (maybe a total cost of $1 and about 15 min). The result?

My gel-set glitter French pinky
My gel-set glitter French pinky (same one from above)

As you can see, much healthier color and definitely winter-spirited–goes well with all your holiday parties as well!

Stay tuned for more holiday posts soon!