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OOTD: Handling Bipolar Spring Weather (feat. Tencel)

Hello all, and happy almost spring! I apologize in advance to you cold weather folks, but here in Cali spring is more or less here, and in my city, that means cool mornings and sunny afternoons. This was infuriating at first (who wants to choose between shivering on the way to work and boiling the walk home?), but after two years here, I have learned to navigate the bipolar spring skies.

Me in Max Jeans jacket, Equipment top, and Sbicca booties
Me in Max Jeans jacket, Equipment top, and Sbicca booties
Sbicca Sound Booties
Sbicca Sound Booties

Here I am clad in my biggest, most versatile secret: tencel. I discovered the magic of this fabric only recently, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. You know that soft, lived-in feel your favorite jeans get? Take that and multiply by 10x quality and comfort. If you own anything that is 100% tencel (which is not very common in modern brands, so no judgment), you know exactly what I am talking about.

Anyway, the other upside of tencel is that it stabilizes temperature thanks to the consistency and breathability of the fabric. Read: you can wear it in the heat or the cold…which is precisely why it makes for the perfect all-weather utility jacket. And shorts. Also slacks.

On me:

Max Jeans Tencel Jacket: an uber-comfy, roomy fit and feel even at XS. Earthy olive color with antique gold hardware. 6 pockets. It is my go-to for toning down any everyday outfit.

Equipment Lace Top: this is from seasons ago hence probably out of stock forever, but all it is is a nice all-lace blouse that goes under everything.

Tencel Floral Shorts: no brand vintage tencel shorts from lord knows where.

Sbicca Sound Fringe Booties: these are my recent favorites! It took me forever to find these in stock in a size 7 and the taupe color. They are extremely fun, statement makers, and go well with my vertically limited legs.


New: Black Loeffler Randall Jules Wedges! (and me)

As a petite girl, I do not exactly go crazy over flats, but trekking the California slopes in 5-inch heels is not always a feasible option. Hence, low wedges (and platforms!) are my new-found obsession. And my goodness, have I been going nuts over this pair for months. I introduce to you: the Loeffler Randall Jules Nubuck Wedges.

These shoes have a solid 3.5″ heel to lengthen your pins, 0.5″ (though I’d say even slightly higher) platform to keep you comfortable, luxe imported nubuck leather exterior, and a sexy little ankle strap complete with a glossy clasp in my favorite color. Sounds perfect, you say? Well, the $325 price tag agrees.

I was in love with these at first sight as both wedges and d’Orsays are a short girl’s best friends, but as a student, $300 for every pair of shoe is not exactly in my budget. Obviously, Loeffler Randall is a higher end brand, so I decided the quality would probably be worth lurking the net until I found some kind of sale–it’s Christmas time, after all!

Well, I lurked for weeks. And months. These babies are sold out in my popular size 7 in all major retailers like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to try them on before buying. So I read every review I could, and found this fashion blogger who wears them a lot:

Nicolette Mason with Jules Wedges

On her, I think, they look even lower, so I got even more excited–could these finally be my new “flats”? The one thing I was worried about, though, was the narrowness–you can see here that it is definitely narrowly cut, and a couple reviewers mentioned this too. I don’t have particularly narrow feet, but I wanted them so much I was willing to risk it.

Anyway, as luck would have it, one day I actually found them at a secondhand luxury store in a size 7. I mean, this stuff doesn’t ever happen to me. I thought it must be meant to be. But then I also realized that these shoes were worn, and well, while I’m all for thrift clothing, shoes–closed shoes especially–is pushing it for my germaphobe triggers. Plus, I still didn’t even know if it would fit!

Although I was feeling like a brat at refusing a miracle find, I decided to stay on the lurk. And last week, my friends, it finally paid off. I ordered the last size 7 pair of Jules wedges from Amazon on sale on Friday after finishing my last final and feeling like a champ.

Well, they came in today, and without further ado:

My Loeffler Randall Jules wedges!
My Loeffler Randall Jules wedges!

I got excited and tried them on right under my baggy old winter sweater in my room, so I apologize in advance for the outfit and the background.

Me, old baggy sweater, new pretty shoes
Me, old baggy sweater, new pretty shoes
Awkward down shot, but they're still gorgeous
Awkward down shot, but they’re still gorgeous
Even more awkward. Wanted to show side views.
Even more awkward. Wanted to show side views.

As you can see, I have no sizing problems, length or width wise. They are extremely comfortable as expected, and although I am used to much higher heels, I think the super-low arch on these should work for just about anyone. They look and feel as expensive as they are. The toe is more pointy than what the pictures online showed, but I am fine with it–if anything, it makes them look even classier. I honestly cannot think of a single negative comment right now.

Anyway, there you have it. If you are in search of a comfy, versatile wedge to feel put together without killing your feet, this is the one. Happy holidays!

Spotlight: My Tricolor Celine Mini Luggage Tote

As promised, here is finally my post on my beloved, beautiful Celine tote: the Celine Yellow Pony Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag from Fall 2013. I purchased it on sale this past summer by a truly magical turn of fortune and have never looked back since.

Celine Calfskin Mini Luggage – Fall 2013 Collection

The above picture is from the collection page, but I feel like it does not do the bag justice–the sides look almost black and the front is so yellow-tinted. So here is my own picture:

My own Celine!
My own Celine!

As you can see, the front is almost white (more cream than yellow, certainly) and the grey sides definitely stand out from the black frame. It is a soft but sturdy pony calfskin leather overall, including the inside, which makes it super easy to keep clean. The tote is also extremely roomy, so my only possible complaint would be that it can get quite heavy if loaded–but as will every other structured silhouette of this size. Overall, I’m IN LOVE with this bag…as I am an avid fan of black-and-white, it goes almost ridiculously well with every outfit I wear.

The highlight of any group shot.
The highlight of any group shot.
Statement bag.
Statement bag.

Anyway, once I brave more and more OOTD posts, I am sure that you will be seeing this gem very frequently. I don’t have a huge bag collection as of yet, but Celine is at the top of the list without doubt. It will take a lot to overcome my addiction to this one.

Please PM me for any specific questions about price, location, where and how I got it on sale, etc.

OOTD: The Horrible Khaki Pants

Finally, an outfit post!

Alright, it is time that I introduce these god-awful khaki pants that I have to wear as part of my volunteer shifts at the hospital (thankfully, I can just save the oversized polo until my actual shift), and of course, the countless ways I desperately try to make them work for the day’s outfit before I run to my shift.


Today’s strategy: try to show as little of them as possible.

On me: Cardigan from H&M, oversized blouse from Tommy Hilfiger, scarf from Burberry (yes, don’t kill me), booties from local mall, and let’s not forget–pants courtesy of my local medical center

Keep tuned for more beauty soon, and for my Americans–BLACK FRIDAY!